About Us

This simulation is the result of a close partnership formed by two professors of finance, a lifelong professional educator, and a Pioneer Funds Portfolio Manager. eNest Egg is the culmination of decades of investment experience, and classroom experience teaching personal finance. Our staff has been developing educational financial simulations for the last ten years. Our simulations have been tested by, and implemented in, schools, banks, and universities in the Czech Republic and across the United States.

You may have already heard positive profiles about our board game on American Public Media’s Marketplace Money Radio, or Voice of America Radio, or on your local N.P.R. station. We were also very proud when our board game earned the 2012 Best Practices in Financial Literacy Award from the National Financial Educators Council, in the gaming category. The Nest Egg board game has also been listed by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy in their Clearinghouse of Educational Resources. We are excited to introduce these same organizations to our new online simulation.